Our mission is to empower and educate our members to become the best version of themselves – no matter what age or stage they’re at!

Education is the key to long term success in your health and wellness. We pride ourselves on educating members with long term strategies to better their health, fitness, nutrition, exercise and wellbeing.

Not only do we want members to feel fit and healthy in the now, we also want them to be fit and healthy as they age! This is long game stuff and we’re here to support members with whatever they need!



Mel Taylor

Owner / Head Coach

As a 47 year old woman I understand the complexities of the female body.

So much so that it’s been a huge focus of study for me over recent years. I’ve wanted to learn so much more about my changing body so that I can best support our members in their own journeys from adolescent years to Pre & Post Natal right through to the menopausal years.

My passion to help and inspire others to feel their best, to train to their needs is important to me.

I will continue to learn so that I can support our members in the best way possible. All women are made differently and that’s why one exercise program doesn’t fit all. I pride myself in taking the time to get to know our members well.

As much as my focus has shifted to Women’s Health we are still very much a family friendly service. We love when partners join in too. Creating an environment where the whole family is welcome is a high priority for us!


  • Certificate III & IV FITNESS
  • MetaPWR
  • Metafit
  • Les MIls Grit Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Gym Instructor
  • Registered and Insured
  • Fitness Professional by Fitness Australia
  • Senior First Aid / CPR
  • Safe Return to Exercise Accredited – Post Natal
  • Safe Return to Exercise Affiliate Business
  • Female Health & Performance Coach

Jason Taylor

Owner / Head Coach

I’m Jason, but most call me JT.

I have always been into keeping fit and active my whole life, even as I was growing up, I played competitive sports throughout primary school to high school, into my late teens.

Then into my adult life, I have trained in a gym environment ever since I can remember, it is just in my blood now. I recently turned 50 years old, my health continues to be my highest priority.

I have experienced many life challenges throughout my years, from broken bones to major back surgeries that really tested my resilience and strength.

I understand the importance of keeping fit, strong and healthy, this is what helped me to make a full recovery from these injuries and setbacks.

I have a passion for helping others in their journey with maintaining their fitness, being stronger, helping with injuries or just trying to be the best version of themselves.

We are still learning and studying to better ourselves all the time so that we can serve our members with the best and latest information in health and fitness.

At TFBM we don’t believe that fitness is a chore it is a lifestyle and once you make it a lifestyle it becomes a part of your life.


  • Certificate III & IV Fitness
    Personal Trainer
  • Gym instructor
  • Senior First Aid / CPR
  • Boxing Certification

Train hard play harder.

Ellen Bogg


Hi! I’m Ellen, I’m a 40 year old woman and I’m busy working mum of four beautiful children. I started my fitness interest back in the year 2004. I started the gym scene that year and I became quite intrigued into how every little thing that our bodies can do. Over that time have progress deeper into understanding the complexities of our bodies. I truly believe that it is important that we move and keep our bodies active to help maintain healthy and strong bodies for us at as we age.

I love to encourage and help others with their fitness journey, which in turn becomes part of their everyday life routine. At TFBM we have such a beautiful warm group of families, and love that the environment we have welcomes kids and all.


  • Cert III in Fitness
  • Group Trainer
  • CPR
  • First Aid


TFBM has an introductory offer to test the waters to see if we’re a good fit for you.

We welcome you to book a trial for 4 weeks for ONLY $87 and enjoy unlimited sessions and lifestyle support with us!


 I have been training with Mel and her awesome team for just on 12 months .. I love Mel’s outdoor sessions where you are made to feel like one of the family from day one. The sessions are always mixed up and you never feel like your repeating the same thing over and over. Short, sweet and sweaty I have also joined Mel for Personal training sessions for the past 6 months, she always knows just how hard to push and I always get a great workout. I can honestly say I’m a fitter, healthier and happier person than I was 12 months ago. If your thinking about giving this fitness family a go I highly recommend it !!!


 Taylored Fitness by Mel is a family orientated outdoor fitness group. Mel, Jason & Dannielle are all fantastic, motivational, encouraging and always wanting the best for each & every one of us. Attending to everyone needs as they are required. Our training sessions are always fun & Mel is always changing things up with a variety of different sessions. They are all very warm & welcoming . So come on down and join our family, you won’t regret it.


 I would love to thank Mel so much for a fantastic year training Jason and I! I would have never thought 12 months ago I would have loved outdoor training as much as I do! We both love Metafit! Mel has motivated, inspired and encouraged us to achieve both our fitness and health goals and we really value and appreciate Mel’s holistic approach, care and individualised advice and guidance. We love the Taylored Fitness family and find going to training so enjoyable because of the wonderful group of people we are surrounded with. Thanks Mel for creating such an amazing community!